Merritt Healthcare announces closing of an ASC transaction in Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts

Press Release – December 5, 2012

Merritt Healthcare is pleased to announce that Boston Endoscopy Center (“BEC”) has sold a majority interest to AmSurg, a leading ASC and endoscopy center operator.  BEC is located in Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts.  The Facility engaged principals of Merritt to market the facility and advise BEC during the selection, due diligence and documentation process.

BEC selected AmSurg as a partner and the transaction was approved by the Massachusetts Department of Health in November.  Dr. Myron Falchuk of Boston Endoscopy comments:  “We began our quest to find a corporate partner for our endoscopy center about one year ago.  The complexity of the effort required to come to a decision left us wondering how we would come to a successful conclusion.  Merritt and the Searles brothers came to our attention and their help was key for us.  They were instrumental in focusing our vision, bringing multiple potential partners for our review, and showing us who the optimal partner was based on many variables that included longevity, strength in the field, and pricing.   AmSurg did stand out as the right one for our Center and we were able to successfully conclude our process.”

Merritt Healthcare maintains an active advisory service guiding ASCs, endoscopy center and hospitals in the sale and acquisitions of healthcare facilities.   Any questions can be directed to:

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